Machine WorksArtificiaI Intelligence Platform

Machine Works

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startup

Our Team developed a Platform to handle Automated Machine Learning without the need for writing code. We also developed a complete Interface for Automated Machine Learning.

Any Client can upload raw data in the form of excel sheets and get reports after running over 50 Machine Learning Algorithms in parallel. The best algorithm is then selected and the same runs a prediction engine for predicting future data output based on the data input.

Modules/ Features

  1. Automated Feature Selection - User does not need to select the variables that define the output.
  2. Data Wrangling - Usage of Open Refine as a data wrangling tool for cleaning and parsing data.
  3. Data Import - Multiple methods of data import ranging from SQL Import, S3 Support and MongoDB Import.
  4. Prediction API - Once the data has been imported and Algorithms have been run with the required output, Users can share unique URLs with their clients which accepts data and handles the prediction.
  • Category: Technology
  • Client: Machine Works
  • Technology Used: NodeJs, Express, ReactJs, Mongodb, Python, TensorFlow, SciKit Learn, Open Refine.
  • Country: USA
  • Delivered: Ongoing