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Pridel Logistics

Logistics and Freight Forwarding Company

Our Team team is developing Various Modules to Automate the business. Instead of going for a ready made automated software, the clients have decided to go with us to create a new product that is tailor made for their needs. At the same time the Customers of Pridel can now view the status of their goods and orders in real time. Technology Used - VueJs, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL.
Module Features:
Transportation - Creation of an integrated system to track Quotations, Invoices and all the goods in realtime using a unified dashboard. The system keeps track of all the trucks and their movement along with the consumption of fuel to handle any spillages. This handles a fleet of 220 trucks in real time.
Freight Forwarding - Creation of a unified dashboard for clients and company employees to manage the statuses of goods with smart automation to flag any issues before hand based on the details input into the system.
Material Management - A generalized cloud based material management system to keep track of all items in stock/ inventory.
Custom Clearance - Real time dashboard for clients to view the status of their products. This has been integrated with the Indian Customs APIs for the purpose of providing the data.

  • Category: Technology
  • Client: Pridel Logistics Private Limited
  • Delivered: Ongoing
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